TerraCom Terms and Conditions of Service

TerraCom services brought to you by TerraCom, Inc. TerraCom provides both Non-Lifeline and Lifeline Assisted services.  The Lifeline Assistance program is supported by the federal Universal Service Fund program and is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company. These Terms and Conditions of Service apply to TerraCom provided services. Please read these terms carefully as these Terms and Conditions of Service become effective by activating or using services provided by TerraCom and is a legally binding agreement between you and TerraCom.  These Terms and Conditions of Service contain important information about your consumer rights.  TerraCom reserves the right to change or modify the Terms and Conditions of Service at any time and at its sole discretion.  Changes made to the Terms and Conditions of Service will become effective at the time the change is posted on the TerraCom Website at www.terracomonline.com.  Please check this website often for updates to the Terms and Conditions of Service.

Lifeline Support is a monthly support that reduces the cost of monthly residential home telephone service.  An eligible TerraCom customer may receive a Lifeline discount on service, but the Lifeline discount is available for only one telephone connection per household.  Lifeline support may vary between states. 

Eligibility for the TerraCom Lifeline service program varies by state. Subscribers may qualify for a TerraCom Lifeline program if they participate in one of the government programs listed below or may qualify based on household income eligibility standards as defined below.  By completing the TerraCom Lifeline application, a subscriber’s consent is required to the release required information, including financial information if necessary, to a designated agent as required for the administration of your TerraCom Lifeline service. This consent survives the any termination of this agreement. TerraCom reserves the right to review any subscriber’s continued eligibility for the Lifeline program, at any time, and may require subscribers to provide TerraCom with written documentation of either subscriber household income or subscriber’s participation in a qualifying state or federal program. A subscriber may only participate in one Lifeline program in either landline or wireless service at the subscriber’s principal place of residence. If a subscriber or any member a subscriber’s family participates in a Lifeline program from another provider, the subscriber is responsible for notifying the other provider that they have been approved for a TerraCom Lifeline program from TerraCom, Inc.  Notice to terminate service from any other provider’s Lifeline program must be given after activating new service in the TerraCom Lifeline program.

TerraCom subscribers may qualify for Lifeline service offering if the subscriber meets certain state and federal eligibility requirements.  These requirements are determined by the particular state where the subscriber resides.  These state and federal eligibility requirements are also based on either program based eligibility or income based eligibility.


Changes to Rates, Terms and Conditions. TERRACOM reserves the right to change its Rates or Terms and Conditions at any time. All changes to existing service and product offerings will be posted on TERRACOM’s website at http://www.TerraComonline.com at least 24 hours before they become effective and will become binding on the
Customer on the effective date. The rates, terms and conditions of new service or product offerings will be posted on TERRACOM’s website within 24 hours after such new service or product is available to customers. You may also obtain
information on Rates or a copy of the current Terms and Conditions by calling the TERRACOM Customer Service number at 1-888-716-8880 or by writing to TERRACOM Customer Service at: P.O. Box 13006, Oklahoma City, OK 73113. YOUR USE OF THE SERVICES CONSTITUTES YOUR AGREEMENT TO TERRACOM’S RATES, TERMS

 Unless expressly prohibited by law, TerraCom reserves the right to modify or cancel a subscriber’s service, an account, or take corrective action at any time and for any reason, including, but not limited to, your violation of any provision of these Terms and Conditions of Service. A subscriber’s right to use TerraCom service is subject to TerraCom business practices, policies, procedures, rates and these Terms and Conditions of Service.  TerraCom will notify subscribers of any change to the Terms and Conditions of Service that are determined to be materially adverse to a subscribers service 30 days in advance of the change.  If subscriber does not terminate service within 30 days of receiving this notice of a change in the Terms and Conditions of Service, subscriber agrees to accept any such changes.

This Agreement applies to all TERRACOM’s Services herein described.

Shortage of Facilities. All services are subject to the availability of suitable facilities. TERRACOM reserves the right to limit the length of communications or to discontinue furnishing services when necessary because of a lack of transmission medium capacity or because of any other causes beyond its control.

Customer Duties and Responsibilities. You must:

Ensure compliance with this Agreement by anyone who you authorize to use the Services;

Cooperate with TERRACOM in trouble determination and fault isolation.

You may not use the Services for any unlawful purpose, or in such a way as to interfere with the use of Services by others. If you fail to comply with this Section, you release TERRACOM from all liabilities or obligations and you must pay TERRACOM for all costs or damages that TERRACOM incurs as a result.

If you use the Services in any manner that violates this Section, TERRACOM may immediately suspend or terminate your Service without notice.

Rendering and Payment of Bills

Billing periods are monthly.

Payment for first month’s service is payable in advance and payment in advance for each month of service is due in full by the due date.

Your billing date is dependent on the billing cycle assigned to your account. Your billing cycle will run from the date your service goes active this month to the same date the following month and will continue each month on that same date.
If you are paying for services monthly or multi-monthly and regardless of whether or not the postal service delivers your statement properly, it is due by that date that month. Regardless of whether or not the United States Postal Service delivers your statement properly, your payment is due on the assigned due date. You will be given your specific due date for your account at the time you apply for your initial service.

All charges for Service are payable only in the United States currency. Payment may be made by cash, check, money order, cashier’s check, MoneyGram, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal or AutoPay debit from your bank. Payments must be delivered to TERRACOM. Payments for service mailed to TERRACOM must be in the form of a Money Order, personal check or Certified Check. Credit card payments are accepted by TERRACOM by telephone or at any authorized location.

Billing Errors. If you believe that TERRACOM has charged you in error, please contact TERRACOM Customer Service immediately. If TERRACOM has charged you due to its error, your account will be credited for the erroneous charges.


Suspends and Disconnects:

The following can lead to a suspension or disconnection of service.

Unauthorized use of telephone utility equipment in such a manner which creates an unsafe condition or creates the possibility of damage or destruction to such equipment.

Refusal after reasonable notice to permit inspection, maintenance or replacement of telephone utility equipment.

Misrepresentation of identity in obtaining telephone utility service.

Incurring charges and/or evidencing an intent not to pay such charges when due, including calls to 900 numbers and long distance calls billed to the number.

You are responsible for Service during any time your Service is suspended. You WILL NOT receive a credit for Service while it is suspended.

It can take up to seventy-two (72) business hours to have your Service restored. If your Service has been suspended for five (5) calendar days, it is subject to disconnection. Once a disconnect order has processed, you must pay in full the processing charge, unpaid balance and monthly bill in order for the Service to be reconnected.


Program Based Eligibility

Program based eligibility varies by state.  TerraCom subscribers are eligible to receive a Lifeline discount, under the program based eligibility, if they participate in one or more of the following programs and the state participates in that program:

  • Food Stamps (program may be named differently by state)
  • Medicaid
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • National School Lunch programs (free lunch programs)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF)
  • State specific qualifying program
  • Qualifying Tribal program
Income Based Eligibility

Income based eligibility varies by state.  erraCom subscribers are eligible to receive a lifeline discount, under the income based eligibility, if subscriber’s total combined household income meets the defined U.S. Government Income Poverty Guidelines for that state.  Proof of income documentation (such as a current tax return) must be provided to TerraCom to demonstrate eligibility income based eligibility.  

TerraCom Lifeline Program Restrictions

Subscribers applying for service in a TerraCom Lifeline program agree to, and declare under penalty and perjury, that all of the following conditions below apply (but not limited to):

  • The TerraCom Lifeline program is limited to one connection per household
  • Subscriber applying for service certifies that subscriber does not participate in any other Lifeline program.
  • Subscriber applying for service may be required to provide a Social Security Number in order to certify or verify eligibility for Lifeline service.  (Social Security information is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to others without a subscriber’s written consent)
  • If subscriber participates in another Lifeline program at the time applying for TerraCom Lifeline service, the subscriber agrees to cancel Lifeline service with any other provider.
  • Subscriber agrees to immediately notify TerraCom of any address change.
  • Subscriber affirms they meet the head of household requirement.
  • Subscriber affirms they are least 18 years old.
  • Subscriber affirms they are not claimed as a dependant on another person’s tax returns.
  • Subscriber affirms they will immediately notify TerraCom Wireless if they no longer participate in at least one of the state or federal programs required to receive Lifeline discounts.
  • Subscriber authorizes representatives of any state of federal assistance program to discuss or provide documentation needed to verify participation requested by TerraCom.  Subscriber also authorizes any state or federal assistance programs representatives to verify subscriber’s eligibility for a Lifeline program.
  • Subscribers applying for a Lifeline program authorize TerraCom, or its duly appointed representative’s to have access to records relating to the applicant to verify eligibility for the TerraCom Lifeline program.
  • Subscribers applying for the TerraCom Lifeline program affirm, under penalty and perjury, that all foregoing representations made when applying for service are true and correct to the best of the subscriber’s knowledge.
Annual Recertification, Verification, or Termination of Lifeline Programs

Subscribers participating in the TerraCom Lifeline program will be required to re-certify, on an annual basis, their qualification to continue to participate in Lifeline programs based on the appropriate state or federal recertification or verification requirements.  TerraCom reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, if a subscriber meets the annual recertification or verification requirements and if the subscriber fails to re-qualify for Lifeline service.  If TerraCom is unable to recertify or verify the required Lifeline qualifications the subscriber will be deemed ineligible to further participate in TerraCom Lifeline programs.  The subscriber’s plan will be discontinued in favor of a new plan to be chosen by the subscriber.   The subscriber will be eligible to choose from any then available plan under the applicable terms and conditions for that plan.

TerraCom reserves the right to cancel or suspend, without notice, a subscriber’s account for any fraudulent related reasons or upon the request of any state or federal authority’s request.  TerraCom subscribers have the ability to terminate from the Lifeline program for any reason.  Subscribers who choose to terminate from the Lifeline program are required to send notice of termination in writing to the address below or by fax.  Upon termination from the program, subscribers will no longer receive the discount included each month and will be required to re-qualify for Lifeline qualification if they choose to enroll with another TerraCom Lifeline program. 

Please send all termination requests (include name, wireless number, and identity related information) to:

TerraCom, Inc.
Attn: Disconnect Department
P.O. Box 13006
Oklahoma City, OK 73113

Or by fax to:

If you do not accept any of these Terms and Conditions of Service, do not activate or use service provided by TerraCom and contact TerraCom at 1-888-716-8880.  By accepting these Terms and Conditions of Service, you represent that you are at least 18 years of age, you meet the eligibility requirements for TerraCom service, and you agree that you may not assign your rights or delegate any of your duties under these terms without the prior written consent of TerraCom.   Any attempted assignment or delegation without proper consent from TerraCom shall be void.

TerraCom Services

TerraCom, Inc. provides TerraCom telecommunications services using the geographic areas covered by the ILEC footprint.  Local phone numbers may not be available in all areas.  TerraCom service is for personal use only and may not be used in a manner that interferes with another TerraCom customer’s use of service. TerraCom services may not be used for any type of monitoring services, any data transmissions, or other non-personal related connections that do not consist of uninterrupted live dialogue between two individuals.  A TerraCom subscriber account may be terminated, without notice, if a subscriber’s usage is determined to be used in violation of the Terms and Conditions of Service for non-personal use, pager service, voicemail retrieval service, or other uses deemed inappropriate.

TerraCom services may affected by limitations.  Service may not be available everywhere. Quality of service may be affected by conditions beyond TerraCom control, including atmospheric, geographical, or topographical conditions.  Service may also be affected by damage to service network issues and outages.  TerraCom does not guarantee, or warrant, that service will be available at any specific time or geographical location, or that service will be provided without possible interruption.  You should therefore never solely rely on your phone for emergency calls, such as to 911.  TerraCom customers have access to dial 911 in an emergency.  However, occasionally a subscriber may attempt to call 911 in an area where there is no 911 coverage.  If there is no 911 access available, a subscriber’s call to 911 may not be avaialable.

By applying or activating service with TerraCom, a subscriber agrees not to use TerraCom services in any way that is illegal, abusive, or fraudulent.  This will be determined by TerraCom in its sole discretion.   

In order to verify if you reside within a service area please visit www.terracomonline.com.  You may enter your zip code  on the website to verify service availability. The zip code search is only an approximation of actual service availabilty and may differ substantially from the areas of service available. TerraCom does not guarantee service availability. 

TerraCom ETC Services

TerraCom Lifeline programs are only available for activation by customer’s who reside in the areas in which TerraCom, Inc., has been designated as a Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (“ETC”). To receive subsidized service, a subscriber’s principal residence address must be within a TerraCom ETC service area. Visit www.terracomonline.com to check whether you reside in a TerraCom ETC service area. To be eligible for TerraCom service, a subscriber must meet the applicable eligibility standards described throughout these Terms and Conditions of Service, which may be amended by TerraCom.  Where applicable, TerraCom Lifeline programs are provided to you by TerraCom, Inc., and are governed by tariffs.  Tariffs are on file with the appropriate public utility commissions in each state and supersede any term related to the Lifeline Assistance program.  TerraCom may provide access to tariffs through its website.  Please be aware that tariffs posted online may not be official documents and you assume full responsibility for any tariff information you access on the TerraCom website.  TerraCom bears no liability for the accuracy of any documents available on this website.

TerraCom Taxes and Surcharges

TerraCom charges state and local sales taxes.  Pricing listed on the TerraCom website or listed in advertising methods for service do not include certain taxes or surcharges. Subscribers are responsible for all charges applicable to the use of TerraCom service regardless if the subscriber was the actual user of the service.  The amount of these taxes and surcharges is subject to change and may vary from time to time and by geographic area. Third party authorized retailers are responsible for collecting sales taxes and required regulatory fees for transactions that occur through such third party authorized retailers. Changes to a tax or surcharge will become effective as provided by the appropriate taxing authority and changes to applicable contribution amounts for Federal Universal Service Fund (“FUSF”) will apply.  Taxes and fees are subject to change without notice.

TerraCom Directory Assistance, Additional Charges and Services

Customer agrees to pay for Services at the current Rates and subject to any applicable restrictions.

Directory assistance calls will be charged at a rate of $1.50 per call plus applicable airtime charges. 

National Directory Assistance – Where available, National Directory Assistance (“NDA”) is offered by TERRACOM to Customers. NDA is a service whereby Customers may request directory assistance information outside their LATA (Local Access and Transport Area) or Home NPA (the geographic numbering plan from which a call originates) for a listed telephone number for residential. Business and government locations throughout the fifty states. NDA can be reached by dialing 411 or 1+411 in some areas. Each NDA request is charged at $2.49. The NDA charge applies to each call regardless of whether the Directory Assistance Bureau is able to furnish the requested information. Local Directory Assistance is $1.99 per call.

Calling to 900 / 976 numbers are not available to TerraCom subscribers.  Placing calls to 800 / 866 / 877 or other toll-free numbers will be available to subscribers. 


Long Distance: TerraCom allows subscribers to make or receive domestic long distance calls inside the domestic USA as long a the subscriber has long distance available.  TerraCom does not allow free calls to other subscribers using TerraCom service. 

In order to receive TERRACOM’S rates for International Long Distance, you must subscribe to a TERRACOM domestic, outbound, interstate long distance plan.

All calls one minute or less in duration are billed as a one-minute call. After the initial minute, all calls using our service are billed in six-second increments with partial durations rounded to the next six seconds.

TERRACOM’S International Long Distance is for residential non-business voice use only.

Rates exclude taxes, fees, surcharges, universal service, subscriber line and installation charges. International rates apply only when calling from the U.S. to international locations.

Availability, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change.

In many countries, international telephone carriers charge higher prices to terminate calls to a wireless device or special service lines. For this reason, TERRACOM may charge a higher rate for these calls. The customer will see only one per-minute price on their bill. This single per-minute price includes this higher cost where applicable.

Calling to some countries may not be available.

If you designate TERRACOM as your carrier of choice for inter-lata toll, you understand that you can have only one (1) telecommunications provider for your phone number. You further state that you are aware that changes to these
designations may involve a charge. Under the terms of this and your service agreement, you hereby authorize TERRACOM to handle all negotiations for service requests and the issuance of orders on the telephone service at the address you
have provided and on the phone number provided by TERRACOM until further notice. This authorization does not preclude your ability to act on your behalf to change service providers.

If you designate TERRACOM as your carrier of choice for inter-lata toll, you understand that you can have only one (1) telecommunications provider for your phone number. You further state that you are aware that changes to these
designations may involve a charge. Under the terms of this and your service agreement, you hereby authorize TERRACOM to handle all negotiations for service requests and the issuance of orders on the telephone service at the address you
have provided and on the phone number provided by TERRACOM until further notice. This authorization does not preclude your ability to act on your behalf to change service providers.

“Unlimited” is available to residential and small business Customers from presubscribed lines for voice messages only. If the Company determines that this service is being used for non-voice applications (including but not limited to dial-up
Internet service or facsimile service) or that the Customer's usage of long distance exceeds reasonable usage customary for the applicable account (1500 minutes/month for residential, 3000 minutes/month for small business, the
Company, at its sole discretion a and with proper notice, may either disconnect or block the Customer's service or may charge a $50 monthly recurring data  usage charge in addition to all charges otherwise applicable for customer's residential service, including per-minute charges for long-distance usage.]

International rates are higher than domestic rates and differ according to destination called.

TERRACOM is not responsible for any unauthorized use of the account, stolen or otherwise.

Subscribers can switch their number for an additional fee.  To make this change, please call TerraCom at 1-888-716-8880 to switch your wireless phone number.  A charge of $25 may apply to number change requests.

TerraCom will block any calls to 1-900, 1-976, some international calling, or other pay-per-call services. 

If a subscriber’s account is deactivated for any reason, TerraCom will assess subscribers a standard reactivation fee which is not refundable.


If the service is not working because of a problem inside your home we will send out a technician within 5 business days to fix the problem. A Repair Call charge will be imposed for repair maintenance and service calls.
Repair Call – first quarter hour $ 50.00
Repair Call – each additional quarter hour $25.00

We provide service to the Demarcation Box (D Box). This is the box on the side of your house or apartment. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WIRING INSIDE YOUR HOME.

if you have problems with your service a technician will be sent to test your D box. If it is determined that the problem is before the D Box, we will dispatch an SBC technician to fix the problem.

You should not be able to receive collect calls. If you do and someone in the household accepts the call, you are responsible for the charges. The same applies to any miscellaneous charges such as call interrupts, etc.

 We can make your phone capable of placing a call trace. This costs $1.00 every time you do a trace. You WILL NOT receive the number of the harassing party. If you have a persistent problem and you call the POLICE, they can contact the SOUTHWESTERN BELL CALL TRACE TRAP server.

If you use 411, 1+411, 1+area code+555-1212 or 0, you are responsible for and must pay for any charges incurred. If you abuse (the constitution of such abuse to be solely under the jurisdiction of TERRACOM) any of these options, or allow the unpaid balance for such calls to reach $10.00 or above, your ability to access these services will be blocked. To help avoid such charges it is recommended that you use a free information service such as Free411 at 1-800-373-3411 or 1-800-466-4411. Should you have 1+ Long Distance with a provider other than TERRACOM your access to that Long Distance will also be blocked. You will need to pay an administrative change charge as well as any amount owed as a result of the use of these options in order to have these unblocked. You indemnify and save harmless TERRACOM from any and all claims, losses and damages caused by this restriction of your long distance calling. Anytime you make a change to your Service, you will be charged a fee plus tax.

Telephone Number Change $25.00
Service Continuation Fee $10.00
Name Change $10.00
Change Order  (charge to process change to current service) $10.99
Toll Block Change Order Fee $10.99


Please contact TerraCom at 1-888-716-8880, or visit our website at www.terracomonline.com, for additional pricing information or answers to any questions about TerraCom services.  Calls to TerraCom may be monitored and recorded for quality assurance. 

TerraCom Subscriber Account History: 

Subscriber account history is available online for the previous 60 days of service.  You may request a printed copy of your account history detailing the last 60 days of service by sending a written request to TerraCom, 401 E. Memorial Rd., Suite 500, Oklahoma City, OK 73114, Attention: Account History. If you deactivate your services or change your phone number, you may obtain your account history by contacting TerraCom at 1-888-716-8880.  Please visit www.terracomonline.com to access your account history at no cost.  TerraCom subscribers have the ability to request a copy of their paper bill.  Requests for a copy of the paper bill must be submitted in writing via mail or fax. 

Send requests to:
TerraCom, Inc.

P.O. Box 13006

Oklahoma City, OK 73113

Or fax to:


TerraCom Disputed Charges

If you have a dispute with any charge to your TerraCom account, you must notify us within 60 days after the charge appears on your account. You may either contact TerraCom at 1-888-716-8880 or send notice in writing to the address listed below.  A TerraCom Customer Service Representative will investigate your claim.  If TerraCom is not notified of your dispute within this 60-day period you waive any right to dispute the charge, including in arbitration and/or a court proceeding.  You accept all charges not properly disputed within this 60-day period.  We will provide you a credit or refund if we determine that the disputed charge was inappropriate and was disputed by you in a timely manner. If we provide a credit or refund, you agree that the dispute is fully and finally resolved and not subject to any further proceedings.  TerraCom is not liable for any charges for products or services provided by third parties through and for use on our network, regardless of the date on which you report it.   If any unauthorized or disputed charge appears on your statement for a third-party product, you must contact that third party directly.  Third-party contact information is also available by calling TerraCom at 1-888-716-8880.  TerraCom service, unless otherwise provided by law, excludes all incidental or consequential damages.  Some states do not allow this exclusion.

Dispute by mail:
TerraCom, Inc.
Attn: Dispute Resolution
P.O. Box 13006
Oklahoma City, OK 73113

TerraCom Refund Policy


TerraCom will provid a subscriber a refund in the event that service has been paid for by the subscriber and was not used or TerraCom was unable to install.  Monthly charges for service is prepaid and is not refundable if the subscriber cancels during the month.  Any service that is paid in advance and is not used will be refunded to the subscriber.  Please allow up to two(2) billing cycles to receive a refund.  For questions, please call 1-888-716-8880.

If you believe that you have overpaid TERRACOM, you must submit a claim to TERRACOM within sixty (60) days after the claimed overpayment, along with evidence supporting the claim. If a billing error results in an overbilling or overcharge, TERRACOM may refund the amount over billed or overcharged by issuing a credit to your account.

Once we have successfully processed an order and have a DUE DATE refunds can only be issued from our main office by check. Our policy is to process this within thirty (30) business days.

Check purchases are refunded by check from our main office once customer’s funds have cleared our bank.

Check Policy: TERRACOM reserves the right to charge up to $30.00 for returned checks. TERRACOM may, at its own discretion, re-deposit the check. However, Customer understands that TERRACOM may not necessarily re-deposit the check

TerraCom Phone Number

TerraCom subscribers must accept the number that is assigned to them at the time of activation. The phone number TerraCom provides for subscribers to use is and will remain the property of TerraCom.  TerraCom may release a subscriber’s phone number to another subscriber, without giving notice, if the subscriber cancels service with TerraCom, or if the account is deactivated.  Subscribers may transfer a number prior to the number being reissued to another subscriber.  TerraCom reserves the right to change a number at any time.  TerraCom will attempt to notify the subscriber prior to any change.  A subscriber can request to change a phone number for a number change fee of $25.

In some situations, a subscriber may transfer an existing carrier telephone number to your TerraCom service for use as a TerraCom phone number.  To switch an existing phone number to TerraCom, please contact TerraCom at 1-888-716-8880. Before calling, please have a bill available from the existing carrier.  When a subscriber transfers from another carrier to TerraCom, they may have to pay a termination fee to the former carrier to early terminate the contract.  TerraCom will not reimburse a subscriber for any termination fees imposed by other carriers.

Use of TerraCom Customer Information

By agreeing to Terms and Conditions of Service herein, you also agree to the terms of TerraCom Privacy Policy available online at www.terracomonline.com. The Privacy Policy may change from time to time and includes important information on what data we collect about you, how we use this data and with whom we share that data.  Any “Customer Proprietary Network Information” (CPNI) data that TerraCom collects from subscribers will be handled in accordance with the Federal Communications Commission regulations, federal consumer privacy laws and the TerraCom Privacy Policy.  TerraCom will not intentionally share subscriber’s personal information without the subscriber’s permission.  TerraCom may, from time to time, use the information subscribers provide to market services to subscribers that may be related to TerraCom services or offerings. Subscribers will have the opportunity to choose whether they would like to receive text messages notices, email notices, or direct mail and other updates from TerraCom and its affiliates about new products, promotions, or other important services offered by TerraCom.  Subscribers who choose not to receive these notices may elect to unsubscribe to the information by calling TerraCom at 1-888-716-8880. TerraCom may disclose to law enforcement authorities and governmental agencies any information, including your name, account information, account history, or other information properly requested by law enforcement to comply with appropriate legal requests.

Dispute Resolution

You agree to contact TerraCom with any disputes. You must contact TerraCom with any dispute by calling TerraCom at 1-888-716-8880 or by writing TerraCom at 401 E. Memorial Rd., Suite 500, Oklahoma City, OK 73114, Attn. Dispute Resolution.  You must provide a description of the dispute, all relevant information, any supporting documentation, and the proposed dispute resolution. A TerraCom representative will contact you at the last address you have provided or by phone. TerraCom agrees to negotiate in good faith to resolve any dispute you may have. You agree to pay the full amount reflected on your account statement, even while a dispute is being resolved.  If you do not reach an agreement to resolve your claim within 30 days after notice of dispute was given, you or TerraCom may commence a Binding Arbitration proceeding(see below).

Certain disputes you may have with TerraCom may be resolved through Binding Arbitration.  By making or receiving calls using a TerraCom service you agree the sole remedy for any dispute shall be Binding Arbitration on an individual basis.  You waive your rights to a jury trial or any class actions.  You also agree the Federal Arbitration Act governs any dispute claim you have with TerraCom.  This Binding Arbitration you agree as the sole remedy limits your options available in the event of a dispute to an individual basis and survives any termination of your service with TerraCom.  Class Arbitrations and Class Actions are herby excluded as a remedy for any dispute you may have.  

This agreement shall be construed under the laws of the state of Oklahoma, without regard to its choice of law rules, except for the arbitration provision contained in these Terms and Conditions of Service, which will be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act.  This governing law provision applies no matter where you (the subscriber) reside, or where you (the subscriber) use or pay for TerraCom services.  To the extent permitted by law, if a dispute claim proceeds in court, TerraCom and you waive any right that we may have to trial by jury in any lawsuit or other proceeding.

Limitation of Liability

TerraCom, Inc. isnot liable to you (subscriber) for any direct or indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages of any kind, including lost  or potential profits (regardless of whether it has been notified such loss may occur) by reason of any act or omission in its provision of equipment and/or Services. TerraCom, Inc. will not be liable for any act or omission of any other company furnishing a part of our services, or our equipment or for any damages that result from any service or equipment provided by or manufactured by affiliated or non-affiliated third parties.  Unless prohibited by law, you (subscriber) agree to limit claims for damages or other monetary relief against each other to direct and actual damages.  TerraCom assumes no risk or responsibility for a subscriber’s use of any content provided by TerraCom services.  TerraCom is not liable for any act or omission of any third party company providing part of TerraCom services (this includes equipment provided by a third party), any errors or omissions of any vendors or agents participating in offers made by TerraCom, any damages that result from third parties, or any unauthorized or disputed charges.  There is no fiduciary duty that exists between you (subscriber) and TerraCom, Inc., or its affiliates.  You (subscriber), also agree that TerraCom will not liable for any missed voice mails or any messages from your voicemail system provided by TerraCom.

The Company shall not be liable to a Customer or third party for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, reliance, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages, including, but not limited to, loss of revenue or profits, for any
reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to, any act or omission, failure to perform, delay, interruption, failure to provide any service or any failure in or breakdown of facilities associated with the service.

The liability of the Company for errors in billing that result in overpayment by the Customer shall be limited to a credit equal to the dollar amount erroneously billed or, in the event that payment has been made and service has
been discontinued, to a refund of the amount erroneously billed.

The Company shall not be liable for any claims for loss or damages involving:

Any act or omission of: (a) the Customer; (b) any other entity furnishing service, equipment or facilities for use in conjunction with services or facilities provided by the Company; or (c) common carriers or warehousemen;

Any delay or failure of performance or equipment due to causes beyond the Company's control, including but not limited to, acts of God, fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, or other catastrophes; national emergencies, insurrections, riots, wars or other civil commotions; strikes, lockouts, work stoppages or other labor difficulties; criminal actions taken against the Company; unavailability, failure or malfunction of equipment or facilities provided by the Customer or third parties; and any law, order, regulation or other action of any governing authority or agency thereof;

Any unlawful or unauthorized use of the Company's facilities and services;

Libel, slander, invasion of privacy or infringement of patents, trade secrets, or copyrights arising from or in connection with the transmission of communications by means of Company-provided facilities or services; or by means of the combination of Company-provided facilities or services with Customer-provided facilities or services;

Breach in the privacy or security of communications transmitted over the Company's facilities;

Changes in any of the facilities, operations or procedures of the Company that render any equipment, facilities or services provided by the Customer obsolete, or require modification or alteration of such equipment, facilities or services, or otherwise affect their use or performance, except where reasonable notice is required by the Company and is not provided to the Customer, in which event the Company’s liability is limited as set forth in Section 7.1 of this Agreement.

Defacement of or damage to Customers premises resulting from the furnishing of services or equipment on such premises or the installation or removal thereof;

Injury to property or injury or death to persons, including claims for payments made under Workers' Compensation law or under any plan for employee disability or death benefits, arising out of, or caused by, any act or omission of the Customer, or the construction, installation, maintenance, presence, use or removal of the Customer's facilities or equipment connected, or to be connected to the Company's facilities;

Any intentional, wrongful act of a Company employee when such act is not within the scope of the employee's responsibilities for the Company and/or is not authorized by the Company;

Any representations made by Company employees that do not comport, or that are inconsistent, with the provisions of this Agreement;

Any act or omission in connection with the provision of 911, E911, or similar services;

Any non-completion of calls due to network busy conditions; or

Any calls not actually attempted to be completed during any period that service is unavailable.


The Company shall be indemnified, defended and held harmless by the Customer or end user from and against any and all claims, loss, demands, suits, expense, or other action or any liability whatsoever, including attorney fees, whether
suffered, made, instituted, or asserted by the Customer or by any other party, for any personal injury to or death of any person or persons, and for any loss, damage or destruction of any property, including environmental contamination,
whether owned by the Customer or by any other party, caused or claimed to have been caused directly or indirectly by the installation, operation, failure to operate, maintenance, presence, condition, location, use or removal of any Company or Customer equipment or facilities or service provided by the Company.

The Company does not guarantee nor make any warranty with respect to installations provided by it for use in an explosive atmosphere. The Company shall be indemnified, defended and held harmless by the Customer from and against any and all claims, loss, demands, suits, or other action, or any liability whatsoever, including attorney fees, whether suffered, made, instituted or asserted by the Customer or by any other party, for any personal injury to or death of any person or persons, and for any loss, damage or destruction of any property, including environmental contamination, whether owned by the Customer or by any other party, caused or claimed to have been caused directly or indirectly by the installation, operation, failure to operate, maintenance, presence, condition, location, use or removal of any equipment or facilities or the service.

The Company assumes no responsibility for the availability or performance of any cable or satellite systems or related facilities under the control of other entities, or for other facilities provided by other entities used for service to the Customer, even if the Company has acted as the Customer's agent in arranging for such facilities or services. Such facilities are provided subject to such degree of protection or nonpreemptibility as may be provided by the
other entities.

Any claim of whatever nature against the Company shall be deemed conclusively to have been waived unless presented in writing to the Company within thirty (30) days after the date of the occurrence that gave rise to the claim.



No Waiver of Rights. If either party fails to enforce any right or remedy under this Agreement, that does not waive the right or remedy for any other breach or failure.

No Third Party Beneficiaries. The parties do not extend this Agreement’s benefits to any third party, unless expressly stated in this Agreement.

Governing Law. This Agreement and all claims relating to the relationship between the parties are governed by federal law and the laws of the State of Oklahoma.

Severability. If any provision is held to be illegal, or unenforceable, this Agreement’s unaffected provisions will remain in effect.

Headings of No Force or Effect. Headings in this Agreement are for reference only and have no effect on any provisions meaning.

Assignment. You may not assign this Agreement. TERRACOM may assign this Agreement.


To the full extent by law, you agree to hold harmless and indemnify TerraCom Wireless, TerraCom, Inc., and its affiliates and their respective officers, agents, directors, partners and employees, from any and all liabilities, settlements, penalties, claims, causes of action and demands brought by third parties (including any costs, expenses or attorneys’ fees on account thereof), directly or indirectly, resulting from your use of TerraCom products and services, or another person whom you authorize to use your products or services, whether based in contract or tort (including strict liability) and regardless of the form of action.  This obligation shall survive any expiration or termination of your service with TerraCom, Inc.

A subscriber may reside in a state that does not allow disclaimers of implied warranties or limits remedies for breach.  Therefore, the above exclusions or limitations may not apply to all subscribers.  A subscriber may have other legal rights that vary by state. 



The TerraCom Terms and Conditions of Service, contained herein, supersede all oral or written communications and understandings between you and TerraCom, Inc., with respect to products and services provided to you and the terms under which they are offered to you by TerraCom.  The surviving sections of this Terms and Conditions of Service shall continue to be valid and enforceable in the event that any part of these Terms and Conditions of Service is declared invalid, not applicable, or becomes unenforceable.  There are no provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Service that provide any person or any entity that is not a party to these Terms and Conditions of Service with any remedy, liability, claim, reimbursement, or any cause of action, or that creates any other third-party beneficiary rights. Any legal dispute, unless otherwise specified herein, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal or state courts located within the State of Oklahoma.  This excludes customers who are residents of the state of California.

TerraCom reserves the right to suspend or terminate any subscriber’s access to TerraCom services or to the TerraCom website or affiliated websites, at any time, should we determine in our sole discretion that a subscriber has violated any of these Terms and Conditions of Service or any other policy of TerraCom, its affiliates, or for any other reason at the sole discretion of TerraCom.


You may send notices to TerraCom by mail, P.O. Box 13006, Oklahoma City, OK, 73113, or by phone, 1-888-716-8880. Notices will be considered effective after received by TerraCom. If a subscriber is unable to resolve concerns with TerraCom, they may file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.  Any notice sent to a subscriber will be sent to your last known residence we have on file. Any notices that TERRACOM must give you under this Agreement will be made in at least one of the following ways: postcard or letter mailed to the most recent address on your account, bill message, bill insert, e-mail to an address provided by you, recorded announcement, posting on the TERRACOM website,
call to your billed telephone number and speaking to you or leaving a message, or newspaper ad.

Open Internet Policy

Network Management Practices Policy Disclosure

Pursuant to the Federal Communications Commission’s newly enacted Open Internet Rules found in Part 8 of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations, the policies of TerraCom, Inc., (“Provider”) regarding network management practices, performance characteristics, and commercial terms are provided in entirety so that Provider’s current customers, prospective customers, third-party content providers and other interested parties can make informed choices regarding the broadband Internet access services offered by Provider, and the extent Provider’s network management practices may affect those services.

Network Management Practices

In the interest of providing the best online experience possible for all of Provider’s customers, Provider utilizes the reasonable network management practices in some cases as provided by its underlying carriers which are tailored to achieve legitimate network management purposes. Because bandwidth is a limited resource for broadband Internet service providers, it is essential that Provider reasonably manages its network to the best of its ability to promote the use and enjoyment of the Internet by all of Provider’s customers. By adopting a reasonable and responsible network management policy, Provider prevents to the best of its ability its customers from being subjected to the negative effects of spam, viruses, security attacks, network congestion, and other risks that threaten to degrade service. The network management practices employed by the Provider’s underlying carriers and Provider are consistent with industry standards.

Congestion Management

Congestion is an Internet access service problem that can slow web browsing, downloading, and other activities of the customers during certain peak usage periods.  Congestion may be caused by capacity limits and bottlenecks in a service provider’s own network, or by limitations in the capacity of the Middle Mile transport facilities and services that many service providers must purchase from unrelated entities to carry the traffic of their customers between their service areas and the closest Internet nodes.
Provider and its underlying carriers constantly monitor its network to manage congestion avoiding over utilization of circuits.  Provider and its underlying carrier maintain sufficient bandwidth to service its customers.

Application-Specific Behavior

Provider does not make use of any application-specific network management practices. Provider does not favor, modify, inhibit, rate control or block any specific protocols, protocol ports or fields, or any applications or classes of applications. Customers may use any lawful and commercially available application.  Provider’s network does not discriminate against particular types of content.  Peer to Peer, streaming video, VoIP, and video downloads are all classified as content neutral. 

Provider does not normally monitor the contents of the traffic or applications of its customers.  It undertakes no obligation to monitor or investigate the lawfulness of the applications used by its customers unless mandated by law or contractual agreement that Provider do so. 

Device Attachment Rules

In order for a device to be approved for use on the Provider’s network, the device must conform to publicly available industry standards and be non-harmful to Provider’s network.  Provider reserves the right to disable devices that cause disruptions to Provider’s customers or that are not in compliance with industry standards.  In the event that Provider disables a device or denies access to application providers, prompt notice will be given of the decision to deny access to the network or disable a device.


Provider offers its customers unrestricted access to all of the lawful content, services, and applications available on the Internet. Provider and Provider’s underlying carrier uses industry standard tools and generally accepted best practices and policies to protect our customers from spam, phishing, and other unwanted or harmful online content and activities. In the instances where these tools and policies identify online content as harmful or unwanted, the content may be prevented from reaching customers, or customers may be permitted to identify or inspect content to determine if it is harmful or unwanted. Provider’s security methods are not intended to prevent end-users from running any specific applications.
Provider employs commercially appropriate security procedures to protect its network and its customer records from unauthorized access by third parties.  Provider does not guarantee that it can protect customers from any and/or all security breaches.
Traffic Blocking
Provider does not block any lawful content, applications, services and/or non-harmful devices. 

Provider does not knowingly and intentionally impair, degrade or delay the traffic on its network so as to render effectively unusable certain content, applications, services and/or non-harmful devices.
Provider does not charge edge service providers of content, applications, services and/or devices any fees simply for transporting traffic between them and its customers.
Performance Characteristics

Many of the service and performance characteristics of the Provider’s broadband Internet access services are contained in the service offering portions of this website.
Provider offers broadband Internet access service. 
The advertised speed of Provider’s Internet service is the maximum speed achievable with the technology utilized by Provider or made available to Provider. While the maximum advertised speed is attainable for end users, several factors may affect the actual speed of Provider’s Internet service offerings, including, but not limited to: [the distance of the consumer’s home or office from Provider’s central office (i.e., the further away the customer is from the central office, the slower the broadband speed), the end user’s computer, modem or router, activity during peak usage periods, and other Internet traffic.]

The actual speeds achieved with Provider’s Internet service offering make Provider’s Internet service suitable for real-time applications, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”).

Commercial Terms

The commercial terms and conditions of the Provider’s broadband Internet access services are contained in greater detail in the service offering and Terms and Conditions located on this website.  This section provides a brief overview of policy terms required by the FCC’s Open Internet Framework.

In order to meet the usage and budgetary needs of all of our customers, Provider offers a wide selection of broadband Internet access plan options, including promotional offerings, bundled service choices, and ala carte alternatives.

To see Provider’s current promotions and pricing on broadband Internet access service, please visit our website www.TerraCom.com or www.TerraComwireless.com or call 1-888-716-8880 to speak with a customer service representative.

Usage-Based Fees

Provider’s Internet service is priced on a flat-fee basis (plus taxes). Provider does not charge end users a usage-based fee for Internet service.

No Unreasonable Discrimination
Provider does not unreasonably discriminate in its transmission of traffic over the broadband Internet access services of its customers.  It endeavours to give its customers as much choice and control as practicable among its different service offerings and among the content, application, service and device offerings of edge service providers.  When reasonable network management practices entail differential treatment of traffic, Provider does not discriminate among specific uses, or classes of uses, of its network.
Provider does not impair, degrade or delay VoIP applications or services that compete with its voice services and those of its affiliates.
Provider does not impair, degrade, delay or otherwise inhibit access by its customers to lawful content, applications, services or non-harmful devices.
Provider does not impair free expression by actions such as slowing traffic from particular websites or blogs.
Provider does not use or demand “pay-for-priority” or similar arrangements that directly or indirectly favor some traffic over other traffic.
Provider does not prioritize its own content, application, services, or devices, or those of its affiliates.
Privacy Policy

The various network management tools and techniques utilized by Provider do not monitor, inspect or store the network activity and traffic of its Internet service users. Further, as part of its network management practices, Provider does not distribute information on network activity and/or traffic to any third party, or use network traffic information for any non-network management purpose.
Provider affords full access to all lawful content, services and applications available on the Internet and does not routinely monitor, inspect or store the network activity and traffic of its Internet service users. However, Provider reserves the right to monitor bandwidth, usage, transmissions and content for purposes of protecting the integrity of the network and Provider’s Internet access service through reasonable network management practices.

Provider may collect equipment information to identify the equipment customer is using on the network, including, but not limited to: equipment type, serial number, settings, configuration and software. Provider may also collect performance information to examine the operation of the equipment, services and applications the customer may use on the network, including, but not limited to: IP addresses, URLs, data transmission rates and latencies, location information, security characteristics, and information about the amount of bandwidth and other network resources customer is using in connections with uploading, downloading or streaming data to and from the Internet.

Network traffic, activity, performance information, and equipment information monitored or collected by Provider is done so for the sole purpose of reasonable network management purposes.

Provider is required to comply with relevant laws, regulations and judicial orders. Information covered under this Privacy Policy, as well as other categories of information, may be disclosed to third parties if Provider determines, in its sole discretion, that such a disclosure is necessary or required and in a manner allowable by law. Provider may also disclose this information if, in its sole discretion, such a disclosure is necessary or required to protect our interests or the interests of our customers. Provider may also disclose this information in connection with the sale of our business.

The Provider’s network management practices as discussed herein are intended solely to provide the best online experience possible for all of Provider’s customers by safeguarding our network and its users from spam, viruses, phishing, and other unwanted or harmful online content and activities. Provider’s network management practices are not intended, nor implemented, to block consumers from accessing the content and applications of their choice, deprive consumers of their entitlement to competition, or discriminate against or in favor of certain network traffic. End users with questions, concerns or complaints regarding Provider’s network management practices are encouraged to contact Provider for issue resolution.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding Provider’s Network Management Practices Policy or would like to file a complaint with Provider regarding its network management practices, please contact Provider at:

Further, if you believe that Provider is in violation of the FCC’s Open Internet Rules, you may file either an informal or formal complaint with the FCC at

Additional Disclaimers

The Open Internet Rules, as adopted, and Provider’s Network Management Practices Policy are not intended to affect, alter or otherwise supersede the legal status of cooperative efforts by broadband Internet access service providers and other service providers that are designed to curtail infringement in response to information provided by rights holders in a manner that is timely, effective, and accommodates the legitimate interests of providers, rights holders, and end users.

Furthermore, the Open Internet Rules, as adopted, and Provider’s Network Management Practices Policy do not prohibit Provider from making reasonable efforts to address the transfer of unlawful content or unlawful transfers of content.

Telecommunications Relay Service

What is TRS?
TRS allows people with hearing or speech disabilities to communicate via the telephone. Communications Assistants (CA), relay the content of calls between users of teletypewriters (TTYs) and users of traditional handsets (voice users). For example, a TTY user may telephone a voice user by calling a TRS provider (or "relay center") where a CA will place the call to the voice user and relay the conversation by transcribing spoken content for the TTY user and reading text aloud for the voice user.

Does the law require TRS?
Yes, TRS is required by Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and to the extent possible, must be "functionally equivalent" to standard telephone services.

When can telephone customers use TRS and how do they access the service?
TRS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the same as voice service. People can access the TRS service by voice or text telephones by dialing the TRS number for their state (which is often found in the information section of phone directories). The TRS access number is usually a toll-free number.

Are calls made through TRS free of charge?
No, the TRS users will pay the same rates or absorb the same usage charges as a voice telephone user for the same type of call. TRS users cannot be charged extra because they are using TRS.

How does a phone company provide TRS?
There are various telecommunications vendors that provide TRS service. Your state has a contract with one of these vendors and a telephone company goes through that vendor to set up the service.

What is the function of a CA?
The function of the CA is to transliterate conversation from text to voice and from voice to text. A CA is an employee of the TRS provider.

Do CAs receive special training?
TRS providers are responsible for ensuring that CAs are sufficiently trained to meet the communication needs of individuals with hearing and speech disabilities, that CAs have competent skills in typing, grammar, spelling, interpretation of typewritten American Sign Language (ASL), and possess familiarity with hearing and speech disability cultures, languages and etiquette.

Can TRS customers be assured that their calls will remain confidential?
Except as authorized by section 705 of the Communications Act, 47 U.S.C 605, CAs are prohibited from disclosing the content of any relayed conversation regardless of content and from keeping records of the content of any conversation beyond the duration of a call. CAs are also prohibited from intentionally altering a relayed conversation and must relay all conversation verbatim unless the relay user specifically requests summarization. The exception to this would be if the relay user was using the service for illegal purposes.

What types of calls can people make with TRS?
Consistent with the obligations of common carrier operators, CAs are prohibited from refusing single or sequential calls or limiting the length of calls utilizing relay services. TRS shall be capable of handling any type of call provided by common carriers. Providers of TRS are permitted to decline to complete a call because credit authorization is denied. Also, due to some technical difficulties with completing calls made through coin telephones, TRS users, under an alternative plan adopted by the industry, can currently make local TRS calls through a coin phone free of charge. Toll calls made through a coin phone can be made with a calling card or pre-paid phone card.

How long does it take to process a TRS call?
TRS centers are required by FCC rules to have adequate staffing to provide callers with efficient access under projected calling volumes. Except during network failure, TRS must answer 85 percent of all calls within 10 seconds, and no more than 30 seconds shall elapse between receipt of dialing information and the dialing of the requested number. Today, CAs use sophisticated terminal equipment to enhance call delivery, and TRS providers may offer features such as "call profiling" that hasten the call set-up times.

How do customers obtain a Teletypewriter (TTY)?
Every state has a program in place for obtaining a TTY. Your telephone directory or state Commission website should have a state TRS number for individuals who inquire about a TTY phone. Generally, if individuals have the need for the TTY they can get one at no charge.

How are TRS services funded?
Costs for intrastate TRS (i.e. TRS calls made within a state) are paid by the states. The states usually recover intrastate TRS costs through a very small surcharge applied to the telephone bills of all telephone customers in a state. Costs for interstate TRS (that is, TRS calls that cross state lines) are paid through the Interstate TRS Fund, a shared-funding mechanism that is funded by contributions from all interstate carriers in the United States. The National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) currently administers the Interstate TRS Fund.