Security Notice

TerraCom Security Notice


TerraCom, Inc. was recently the victim of a security breach that resulted in unauthorized access to some applicants’ personal data stored on our computer servers.  We deeply regret that this incident occurred. We are informing individual applicants whose data, we believe, was most at risk to being accessed via the Internet. As far as we can tell, the vast majority of applicant data files were accessed by the Scripps Howard News Service, and we are sorry that personal data of Lifeline applicants was accessed by the News Service and possibly by other unauthorized persons.  The information accessed included names, addresses, social security numbers, tax information and other government forms used by our company to determine applicant eligibility for the federal Lifeline program.


This is a very serious matter and we are actively investigating the full extent of any security breach in our computer systems.  Additionally, we've taken steps to eliminate any potential release of personal data in the future.


Based on our ongoing investigation – being conducted in coordination with an independent digital forensics team – there appears to be no evidence to indicate that a malicious attack occurred on our computer systems, nor does it appear that any applicant has been injured as a result of the unauthorized accessing of personal data files by the news organization or any others.


  What you can do:

  • Monitor your credit reports, bank and credit accounts for unauthorized activity and report anything questionable to the account issuer and credit bureaus.
  • Take advantage of online access to your account information so you don’t have to wait for the monthly statement to come in the mail. 
  • If you learn that your Social Security Number has been compromised, immediately place a fraud alert on your three credit reports and then continue to monitor them.


We have established a toll-free number 1-855-297-0243 for applicants and customers to contact us with questions they may have.  Our call center representatives are available to answer your questions and provide guidance on steps you can take to protect your financial information and guard against the potential for identify theft.