Certification Details

If you have service under a TerraCom lifeline plan, you are required to re-certify annually that you still participate in a qualifying program and you are eligible for discounted phone service. Recertifying will renew your service with us for an additional year with no changes or additional charges to your current account.

If you fail to recertify within 30 days of being notified, or if TerraCom is unable to verify the required Lifeline qualifications, you will be deemed ineligible to further participate in a TerraCom lifeline program. Your monthly discounts will be discontinued at that time and only non-lifeline plans will be available to you.

30 days before the expiration date of your eligibility, TerraCom will contact you informing you that you must complete a recertification form. Once you receive that message, please respond promptly to insure that your information is received

At any time, if you have moved from the address you originally provided on the initial enrollment form, or need to verify the address we are going to send your recertification form to, please contact us at the appropriate service number below:

TerraCom Customer Service:  1-888-716-8880